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Apparently You CAN Go Home Again #ouchylovehurts

I’m on a train, headed back to the bay. Awaiting me is a classroom full of books and mementos to be packed up, and an apartment with more of the same. After about four years of living in the beautiful … Continue reading

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I’m Leaving the Country Today #mycamino

I’m leaving the country today. If I weren’t, I’d be marching in the city with other women in protest of the debacle that we all are bearing witness to. But I don’t want to talk about that. Today I am … Continue reading

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Just before I heard you died just a moment before I heard you’d gone I’d been holding this worn copy of Beowulf and I’d laughed because Remember? how you loved Beowulf and I didn’t? Remember? how you could sit with … Continue reading

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The Puzzle

In a cabin on a creek unexpectedly alone which is so unfamiliar and as strange as the sound of rain on the roof in this drought. Even the sound of thunder and not just the teasing of the air with … Continue reading

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Yes. All Women.

You are pushing us away with your meager understanding, and with your foolish lack of control in the presence of our flesh. Continue reading

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Brackish Water

This is a hard and exhilarating season. I am in between one life and another—not really, of course—not in the Samsara sense, or in the “I see a tunnel, and a bright light” sort of way. But I am nonetheless … Continue reading

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Soggy in the Emerald City

I’ve been in Seattle since Saturday morning. It’s Tuesday morning, and it is miraculously not raining. For the first time since I’ve been here.  Here is proof. That’s blue sky you see just over the light rail streaking by. I … Continue reading

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